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Perhaps you're looking to replace/upgrade an old weathered driveway or extend/modify the current design to accommodate more vehicles. Maybe you want to create a better outdoor space for your family to enjoy. Either way, you'll need a skilled company to handle the job. For residents of St. Johns, FL and surrounding Jacksonville, FL, Jax Concrete and Pavers is your go-to for designing and consulting in the area of residential concrete and paver services.

From driveways to walkways, patios and hardscapes, our team of experts can do it all. Call 904-607-1739 now to schedule a free consultation for your concrete and paver services.

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We specialize in designing, consulting and executing high-quality residential projects. By utilizing CAD software technology, providing fair and accurate quotes and collaborating closely with you on each project, we ensure success every time.

Whether you're coming to us for concrete installation services or paver installation services, you can expect remarkable results because we take the time to answer your questions and set accurate expectations. It's time to put your project in capable hands.